Halo Infinite Wins Audience Award at The Game Awards 2021


Halo Infinite won the “Players’ Voice” award at The Game Awards 2021. This is the first award revealed for this year’s event, and is chosen purely based on player votes.

There were several rounds of voting until reaching five competitors for the final prize: Halo Infinite, Metroid Dread, It Takes Two, Resident Evil Village and Forza Horizon 5. Among these competitors, the new Master Chief game won with a certain ease, as shown in the percentages of votes:

It’s interesting to note that Halo Infinite won based mainly on its multiplayer, as the game’s campaign arrived yesterday, December 8th. Certainly the vast majority of voters did not get to play the Halo campaign before choosing the game for the prize.

Meanwhile, Forza Horizon 5 was on the other end, with the fewest votes among the five finalists. Anyway, this vote is emblematic for Xbox games, which in addition to winning with the most voted, had another one standing out in the category.

It is also worth noting that It Takes Two, which is not one of the biggest productions of the year, managed to surpass the giant Resident Evil Village in the percentage of votes. It was close, but he stayed ahead.

Finally, we mustn’t forget to mention Metroid Dread, which finally brought a sequel to Metroid Fusion after nearly 20 years and took second place in the public vote.