Halo Infinite Will Reduce The Price Of Its Cosmetic Items


Halo Infinite: The changes, which will take effect from Tuesday, January 17, have been made after listening to feedback from the community. 343 Industries continues to adjust some of the most criticized aspects of Halo Infinite, the new video game starring the Master Chief. The title, whose campaign is paid, includes a free-to-play multiplayer that can be downloaded for free on Microsoft consoles and PC. The monetization system includes the sale of cosmetic items, which will drop in price starting this Tuesday, January 17.

“We’ve been closely following discussions around the store, bundles, and pricing since launch,” tweeted Jerry Hook, the game’s lead designer. “Using data and feedback from the community, we’re making changes to how we collect and price Halo Infinite items.”

The creative has explained that the store experience will change week by week, since they will focus on “reducing prices” and “providing more value” to the bundles. In this way, it promises to introduce specific objects outside the packs. At the same time, the studio will try to implement “new things throughout the rest of the season, in order to continue learning and improving in the future.” Hook has asked players to continue to provide feedback throughout this process.

Big Team problems will be solved soon

At the moment the new price table has not been detailed, but we will not have to wait more than a few hours for the unknown to be resolved. On the other hand, the update for the Big Team mode will also be ready in the next few days. “The test has been completed and the hotfix is ​​now in the certification process.” If there are no last minute bugs it should be available in the middle of the week. The objective is to improve the marchmaking, which in this modality has not worked correctly.

Halo Infinite is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC. It can also be found within the Xbox Game Pass catalog, both console and PC.