Halo Infinite Will Not Have Loot Boxes; News About Multiplayer


Halo Infinite: 343 Industries confirms that Halo Infinite multiplayer will have neither loot boxes nor battle passes that expire at the end of a season. Halo Infinite shared multiplayer news in a post-Xbox & Bethesda Game Showcase presentation at E3 2021. 343 Industries reveals that players won’t find any loot boxes of any kind. Released Battle Passes will not expire.

Academy mode, welcome to newbies

Among the unpublished elements we can find the academy mode, where you can put your skills to the test on a map full of tests. You can choose which weapon and equipment to use among all those available in the game. The company even allows bots to serve as mobile targets, so to speak, with which to improve your dexterity and precision.

“The academy offers players the opportunity to hone their skills and better acclimatize with the weapons and settings of Halo Infinite,” they explain on their official blog. Given its free-to-play nature, it will be a way to attract new players around the Halo experience.

Customization options have also been detailed, giving players more opportunities to express themselves visually on the battlefield. In the example shown we can see the chest, gloves, shoulder pads, knee pads, visor, accessories and more. The color will be another of the customizable elements, and it seems that the mythical confrontation Red vs Blue (red against blue) is over. As always, cosmetics will not affect gameplay.

Personalization will go beyond the Spartan; we can expect aspects around weapons and vehicles. Halo Infinite seasons will revolve around specific themes. Once you purchase that Battle Pass, it will be added to your profile so you can progress at your own pace, without depending on the end of the season to unlock its rewards.


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