Halo Infinite will not be at The Game Awards 2020


343 Industries confirms that the game will not be shown at TGA 2020, but we will have “high level” information in the coming weeks.

Halo Infinite will not offer any news during The Game Awards 2020 gala that will take place this December. 343 Industries has confirmed in a digital meeting with users through Reddit that the game will miss this annual celebration, but that does not mean that we will run out of news of the long-awaited title before the end of the year: we will have information on weight in the next few weeks.

“We have nothing planned for the Game Awards,” begins a 343 employee (verified in the official Halo thread) in response to a user. “But we hope to offer at least one high-level novelty in the coming weeks, so we can restart our journey together after Christmas.” The message suggests, however, that this information will be requested until January 2021, but they have not said it with those words and, therefore, we are waiting for a greater concretion.

“I know it is hard to wait, but the team is going to put in all their extra time and we want to make sure we give the best of ourselves from now on, with transparency and dialogue along the way,” he adds, inviting loyal fans. Halo to get on the train, metaphorically, once again.

Halo Infinite is due out in 2021 when it’s finished; will not be delayed to 2022

In a recent meeting with GameSpot, Xbox boss Phil Spencer acknowledged that it was not a wise idea to show Halo Infinite in this state during the Xbox Games Showcase event last July; in fact, he has called it “a mistake.” The trust placed by the manager in the 343 Industries team is total, however, and he is sure that the work will meet the expectations of fans of the most prolific series in the Xbox universe along with Gears of War.

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Halo Infinite will launch in 2021, not 2022, as much as there have been voices hinting at that possibility. They have also denied a hypothetical cancellation of the Xbox One version of this title, which will be released on Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC. Finally, it should be noted that Pihl Spencer does not rule out the launch of the campaign and the multiplayer mode (which confirmed its free to play nature) separately.


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