Halo Infinite will continue the Halo 5 story


The developer in charge of the Bungie saga ensures that the storylines will be cleared in a way that “people probably won’t expect.” 

Flurry of news about Halo Infinite, 343 Industries’ long-awaited new production for Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC. Introducing extended campaign gameplay during the Xbox Games Showcase 2020, the game has left no one indifferent. The criticisms of the graphics have been joined by some unknowns, which have been resolved throughout these days, in part thanks to the question and answer session that MeriStation had the opportunity to attend. What is clear is that at the plot level it is a direct continuation of Halo 5. Now, the developer says that the plot is likely to unfold differently than many predict.

According to Paul Cocker and Chris Lee, associate creative director and lead designer, respectively, with Halo Infinite they want to balance the experience so players can enjoy it regardless of whether they’ve played previous chapters or not. Still, the play “continues the Halo 5 story.” And they add: “It does it in a way that people may not expect. This is one of our goals when creating Halo Infinite ”, which is not something predictable. “There is a lot of mystery and a lot of events taking place that we want people to discover.” According to the developers, the idea is that players delve into the Halo saga through the video game itself.

And the cooperative mode?

One of the attractions of Halo Infinite is that it can be played in company. Basically, it will have two different modalities: if you play in a local cooperative, up to 2 people can play at the same time, while if you play through online mode, that number will increase to 4 people.

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Halo Infinite will be more a platform than a delivery as such. 343 Industries plans to make the title work for years as a service, so over the months they will be adding more stories and other additional additions.


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