Halo Infinite Will Add New Rewards In The Fracture: Tenrai Event


Halo Infinite will make changes to the Fracture: Tenrai event pass the next time it is held. We will see more free cosmetics to unlock. Halo Infinite will receive specific modifications to the rewards of the Fracture: Tenrai event. The game’s first special frame debuted last November and is expected to repeat for at least two more weeks. However, the next celebration will have some differences.

New cosmetics in the Fracture Pass: Tenrai in Halo Infinite

343 Industries reveals that the event pass will swap experience power-ups and challenge replacements starting at level 10. Those gaps will be filled with Kabuto’s full armor and pose. The change is signaled by an internal communication error, since they used the premium set in the promotional images of the free event. They emphasize that in the future they will “make sure” to clarify from the beginning which will be the paid cosmetics versus the free ones.

Additionally, event-specific challenges will not replace those in the base game. In the next round you will see that both will coexist in separate lists. We will see the return of Fracture: Tenrai between January 4 and 10, 2022. A month later, from February 1 to 7, it will do the same in its third and final week (so far). Remember that all levels of the event pass are free and independent of the progress of your battle pass. You can see the list of cosmetics during the first week at this link.

The next event he looks forward to in Halo Infinite will be Winter Contingency, of which we have already seen a short teaser. Although it does not have a date yet, those who are dedicated to data mining point out that we can expect it between December 21, 2021 and January 3, 2022. The Christmas motifs will reach the Spartan armors. Cyber ​​Showdown and Tactical Ops still hang in the air.