Halo Infinite “Was Designed For Normal Difficulty,” Reveals 343 Industries


Halo Infinite: The studio responsible for the game reveals details about the different levels of difficulty. Accessibility for new users is one of the keys. Halo Infinite is news day after day. On the one hand, the multiplayer mode is already available and is completely free. On the other, the campaign is preparing to land on PC, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One on December 8. As you know, the commitment to the open world is the great claim of the new adventure of the Master Chief, but there are other aspects that are unknown. What about the difficulty? Traditionally, the series was designed to play at the Heroic level, although this time it is different: 343 Industries has explained that the ideal mode for the first game is none other than normal.

Stephen Dyck, person in charge of the title, assures that the study has dedicated “a lot of time” to the balance of the level of normal difficulty. The motives? Offer an experience where “players don’t crash into a wall; we want the user to have a smooth entry into the Halo gameplay, ”he says. At the same time, he has also wanted to reassure the veterans of the saga, ensuring that none of this means that the Heroic level is easy, much less that Legendary remains “very hard”.

Halo Infinite: We have already played the campaign

Beyond the multiplayer facet of the title, now available and completely free, the expectation on the part of users is focused on the long-awaited campaign, which will not be available until December 8, accompanying the final launch. At MeriStation we have already enjoyed it and there are several elements that have caught our attention. Of course, one of the unknowns was the commitment to the open world, which now works more in line with the sandbox genre than with other open scenarios that we have seen in other installments of the saga.

Another interesting aspect is found in the final bosses: we believe that they will “make people talk”. And, since we are talking about difficulty, we take the opportunity to tell you that we have tested the Heroic difficulty level: “our feelings with the enemy AI are very good. The level rises as expected, but not only because of some jackals with crazy precision (in legendary it is exaggerated), but because of certain patterns and ways of facing the combats on the part of the enemies ”. You can read our full advance in the following link.

Halo Infinite will go on sale on December 8, at which time you can enjoy the campaign on PC, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One. Regarding multiplayer mode, it has been available since last November 15 and it’s completely free (also via Steam).