Halo Infinite: This Is The Perspective Of A Hacker In Full Swing


Halo Infinite: The first Halo Infinite cheats come to light. Some users show the repetition of those hackers they have come across. Halo Infinite suffers the arrival of the first cheats. As with Call of Duty: Warzone, the free-to-play multiplayer character opens the door to aimbots, wallhacks, and more on PC. Users have started uploading tests of some players who completely skip the anti-cheat system. Seeing is believing.

This is how a hacker plays Halo Infinite

The tweet under this paragraph is the clear example of the cheater caught red-handed. Halo Infinite includes a cinema mode that allows you to see each player’s perspective at the end of the game. DougisRaw on Twitter proceeded to do the same with a user who smelled weird. His peephole sticks into the heads of enemies as soon as the mouse passes over them. He tells her that some bullets are escaping through the wall.

The next one gives the cante even more. The aimbot makes him take impossible turns, always moving in time with the path of the enemy players. He manages to finish off all four rivals in a matter of seconds. Speechless.