Halo Infinite: The Spartan With Cat Ears Are All The Rage On Social Networks


Halo Infinite: 343 Industries launches a cosmetic package in Halo Infinite that has caused a sensation on social networks. Cat lovers are in luck. Halo Infinite has launched a cosmetic package that shakes the community. Since its publication, users have not stopped sharing on social networks what these new customization objects look like on the Spartan. We are talking about the Cat Lover pack, available until December 28 in the ingame store.

What does the Cat Lover pack include in Halo Infinite?

The Cat Lover Pack includes four customization items. You can get them in the store for 1000 credits, which is equivalent to 8.99 euros. Once it disappears it will return to the rotation at some future point.

Dull Blush – Epic Armor Casing for Mark VII
Wonderful Miaura Sound – Epic Helmet Accessory
Tabby – Rare Ornament
Kat – Epic Ornament

His arrival would have happened like the rest of the packages if it weren’t for the helmet accessory. Gorgeous Meow Sound adds cat ears (literally) to your Spartan helmet. You can imagine what the lovers of these furry have felt when they saw it. The networks have been filled with messages extolling the image with them on.