Halo Infinite Reveals More Multiplayer News in New Video


Halo Infinite is one of the most anticipated releases of the Xbox Series X|S not only for the acclaimed history of the series, which will be continued in the new game’s campaign, but also because of the game’s multiplayer. And now we have news precisely about this important game mode, in a new video with the developers:

It’s a very detailed presentation, with some fresh footage of Halo Infinite’s competitive gameplay. Highlights being brought into the game include new mechanics and others that come from older games, in a revamped format.

Among the new additions is a “marking” system, which is not uncommon in competitive FPS games, but makes its debut in the Halo series. It’s basically a feature players can use to mark points of interest that appear on their team’s map, including opponents and key locations.

Speaking of locations, Halo Infinite reintroduces Halo 2’s weapon racks. The developers want the new game to be very receptive to new players too, and believe that locations where weapons appear well defined on the map will be a good way for people to stay. get used to it more quickly. Shelves are a way of knowing exactly where the weapons appear, but they don’t clash with the aesthetics and immersion of the scenery.

The devs also talk a little bit in the video about the new equipment system and vehicles. In Halo Infinite multiplayer, the power-ups that the player collects throughout the game are not used immediately. Instead, they become items that can be used whenever you want. Taking down an opponent who hasn’t used his power-up will still give you a chance to collect the resource as part of the loot.

The novelty for the various vehicles is that in the new game they will be damaged in different ways. You can lose a wheel or a mounted turret and keep driving, for example.

That’s a lot of details, so it’s worth checking out the full video!


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