Halo Infinite, Razer Peripherals. Analysis Of An Exclusive Pack With The Quality Brand Of The House


Halo Infinite: We tested the licensed product pack of Microsoft’s new game with some of the most powerful Razer brand models. A few months ago, Razer announced a brand-name product line with motifs and an exclusive Halo Infinite design. A combination that sought to maintain excellence in specific products and provide a differential touch with a design focused on the colors, logos and elements of the Master Chief and the new installment of 343i and Microsoft. After several weeks with all of them, we analyzed the benefits of the Razer gear designed for an occasion that deserves it: the return of Halo in style with the best 343i installment to date and the first game designed with the PC in mind.

Razer Kaira Pro Halo Infinite Edition

The first of the products that we highlight is one that we have already analyzed previously in its Xbox Series version, which also has a version for PS5 and which in this case, stands out for maintaining its benefits and adding design elements typical of the Halo saga. The Razer Kaira Pro are one of the most versatile wireless headsets we currently have on new consoles, and they are for a number of reasons.

The first, due to its design, with the foam pads that adapt perfectly and are comfortable in long gaming sessions; the second, due to its ability to connect Xbox consoles on the one hand and bluetooth sound on the other, either for mobile phones or with surround sound with Windows Sonic. This dual feature is being common in the latest helmets of the brand and allows not to lose detail of notices or mobile calls while we play. At the time we already commented that the quality of this microphone was clearly below, although it was one more option to get out of trouble.