Halo Infinite Presents Streets, Its New Multiplayer Map, In An Extensive Gameplay


Halo Infinite: 343 Industries shows material on a new multiplayer map for Halo Infinite. Streets will be set on the streets of New Mombasa at night. Halo Infinite shows a new unreleased map: Streets. This multiplayer scenario will take us to the heart of New Mombasa to fight through its alleys. 343 Industries reviews with IGN some of its keys during a virtual tour, which you can see in the video under this paragraph.

Calles aims to be a small and asymmetrical map, where neon lights will take center stage in this night version of the city. As was already the case in the technical test, the map is full of details. Multiple references to the figure of the Master Chief are represented by the walls, in addition to retro game booths, advertising and much. From IGN they point out that the action on this map “is very fast.”

Halo Infinite, heading to market

Halo Infinite is almost a month away from commercialization. The Master Chief will debut in the next generation on December 8 on Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC. These last weeks have been relevant for those responsible. Finally 343 Industries has published material about the campaign, which you can see at the top of this news. The open world merges with the main missions of always, including some unprecedented mechanics in the saga. Among these is the ability to add special abilities to John-117’s arsenal.

Although the campaign is paid, you will not have to go through the box to play its multiplayer. The competition will arrive the same day in free to play format. At MeriStation we have already gone through the two technical tests in recent months. “The message from Halo Infinite multiplayer is that fun comes before everything else. We have had fun in each of the games we have played ”, we said. You can read the full advance by clicking on this link.