Halo Infinite Presents Its First 5 Multiplayer Maps


Halo Infinite: 343 Industries reveals the first details of five of the Halo Infinite online maps, which will be free-to-play and will arrive at the end of 2021 on PC and Xbox. One of the great protagonists of the Xbox and Bethesda conference for this E3 2021 was undoubtedly Halo Infinite, who unlike last year, this time opted to teach us above all its multiplayer mode. Taking advantage of the spectacular trailer shown at the event, 343 Industries confirmed that the online section of the title will be free-to-play, or what is the same, completely free for anyone, and wanted to clarify that even so, the game will not include loot boxes nor season passes. They do not seek to follow market trends, but rather “to provide an experience that honors the classic battles of the Halo saga.” In the last hours, the company has also wanted to share a first look and a brief description of five of the multiplayer maps that will be available for departure (we do not know their total number). They are as follows:


“It has survived for hundreds of millennia, but this ring still holds secrets to be discovered.” It is set in a large desert area through which we can move around driving vehicles such as the ghost and the banshee.


“Now more than ever, the serene surface of Installation 07 hides latent tension and conflict.” A wooded environment full of slopes and artificial formations. A house brand biome that brings us many memories.


“Resource facilities like this one, managed by Axys’ hydroelectric division, help keep the power grid stable across the Unified Earth Government (UEG) colonial worlds.” The first of the closed maps, and one of the ones that stood out the most in the trailer, where the chaos and destruction that we can cause within its walls was shown.


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