Halo Infinite Postpones Campaign Co-Op And Forge Mode Again


Halo Infinite: Co-op mode for Halo Infinite and Forge are slated to be added to the game after release, in seasons 2 and 3 respectively. Now both modes have been postponed, along with the seasons as a whole.

The information comes from Joseph Staten, head of the creative team at 343 Industries. He says the developer will need more time to “ensure Season 2 achieves our high level of quality, so we can finish Season 2 development in a healthy and sustainable way for our team.”

Interestingly, Staten makes the team’s well-being clear in his speech, perhaps implying that they want to avoid the infamous crunch.

Co-op is still planned for season two and Forge mode for season three, but now they’ll come later. And Staten is ready to give his team more time if need be – “Yes, we are extending Season 1. So our goal still remains what I said before, which is to deliver the co-op campaign in Season 2 and the Forge in Season 3. But those remain goals. They remain targets. And we can’t commit to any specific date right now, because as we’re seeing in this multiplayer beta, other things can be moved up the priority list for us .”

Halo Infinite now has its multiplayer available for free, and the game’s campaign will launch on December 8th on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.