Halo Infinite Kicks Off The Christmas Event, The Winter Contingency


Halo Infinite kicked off its year-end event on December 20th. Winter Contingency will offer 10 days of rewards, freeing multiplayer players one item per day until December 30th. There are assorted equipment with a Christmas theme and things like that.

Among the items you can unlock by playing are armor pieces and adornments, character paints and weapons, as well as nameplates, emblems and a special background.

To unlock the items it is necessary to complete matches at least once a day in the Arena or in Big Team Battle mode. The event started on the 20th, so for those who just found out, there were already two items. But 343 Industries reports that there will be another opportunity to get them back, even after the 30th.

Halo Infinite had a double release this year. First the game made available its multiplayer mode, which is completely free to play. Then, in December, the game’s campaign was launched, which costs the value of a triple A game, but is available to Game Pass subscribers at no extra cost.

All players can then enjoy Winter Contingency without paying anything. And the content does not yet mark the end of the game’s first season of multiplayer. It will be extended at least until May 2022, as the devs at 343 Industries want to finish off season two’s development at a “healthy and sustainable” pace.