Halo Infinite: Industries responds to criticism for its graphics


The North American study responds to the comments made against the technical section shown during the Xbox Games Showcase demo.

Halo Infinite is the great standard bearer for the new generation of Microsoft consoles. Since the first announcement of what we previously knew as Project Scarlett, the new episode of the saga has become known as its flagship and was also the first title shown during the Xbox Games Showcase. The criticisms for its technical section were many and of various kinds; therefore, 343 Industries has been kind enough to provide an explanation.

Through a question and answer session held this weekend, study leader Chris Lee has not declined to offer statements in this regard, which has become the main topic of conversation on forums and social media because, at Broadly speaking, part of the community considers that the technical performance of Halo Infinite does not measure up to a generational leap like the one that is about to happen.

Halo Infinite will look better than the Xbox Games Showcase demo

“I think that when it comes to graphics, I hope people have the opportunity to see our materials in 4K resolution,” he says first. On YouTube you can already see the demo delayed in 4K and 60 FPS. “I think that really allows our game to be displayed with all fidelity. We are still in full development, we have a bit of polishing and adjustments that the team is working on to bring the full potential of the experience to our users by the end of the year with Halo Infinite, ”he insists. And he ends by arguing that “we will make sure [the game] is polished and ready for when the fans have it in their hands this Christmas.”

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Lee explains during the conversation that we will notice a qualitative jump in the Halo Infinite audio thanks to the recording sessions that have been carried out; In addition, they ensure that the processing power per pixel will be 10 times higher than that of Halo 5, so the demo we saw at the Xbox Games Showcase does not represent the final quality of the product.

MeriStation was also able to attend a question and answer session last week. You can read here everything we learned. Halo Infinite is coming to the end of the year, along with the launch of Xbox Series X, also to Xbox One, PC and Xbox Game Pass. Microsoft maintains that there are “many reasons” to get hold of the console.


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