Halo Infinite Has Possible Leaked Release Date


After much waiting from players, Halo Infinite really seems to have gained a release date. A leak from the Microsoft Store points out that the game is due to hit Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC on December 8th of this year.

The information comes just hours before the Gamescom 2021 opening ceremony, which will be held this Wednesday afternoon (25), at 2:30 pm. Microsoft was expected to release the game’s release date today.

The screenshot above, which shows the possible date the title will hit stores, was released by the Italian website Aggiornamenti Lumia this Wednesday (25).

Even if the leak is true, it’s important to remember that Halo Infinite will be released in parts for consoles and computer. In the beginning, for example, it should not feature co-op in the campaign (neither local multiplayer with split screen nor online).

Also, the game should not have Forge mode at first, which allows players to create and share custom scenarios. Updates that add new features are expected to arrive a few months after launch.


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