Halo Infinite Fixes Issues With Quick Resume And Achievements; All The Details


Halo Infinite receives an update that improves game stability when using Quick Resume on the Xbox Series X | S version, among other things. Halo Infinite persists on its way to improve its stability. Among the latest changes is a fix for features that get corrupted when using Quick Resume on Xbox Series X | S. The update is now available for download.

Achievements and Quick Resume fixed in Halo Infinite

Affected users reported that putting the game to sleep disconnected it from online services, which could conflict with certain collectibles. They were pointing specifically at the armor cabinets scattered around the ring. That multiplayer reward never came if you used it via Quick Resume. This problem extended to those who played the campaign without an internet connection.

If you are one of those players you will now see that the rewards have been added to your multiplayer inventory. On the other hand, the record of achievements has been corrected. Until now, you could have an achievement without unlocking after having fulfilled the requirements to obtain it. From 343 Industries they indicate that you will receive it after starting the campaign with the patch already installed.

These changes occur just a few days after the expected renewal of the playlists. Players can now access Team Assassin, All Against All, Party, and Tactical Assassin. Don’t let this last one confuse you: we are talking about a lifetime of Team SWAT, only now the name of the police group does not appear. On the other hand, some excessively difficult challenges have been eliminated or reduced. Weekly activity, for example, is “less intensive” after the change.

At The Game Awards we witnessed the first official trailer for the Halo live action series. You can see it in full through this link.