Halo Infinite, first images after graphics improvements!


After the Halo: Infinite fiasco at Microsoft’s Xbox Games Showcase last year, developer 343 Industries showed the new images of the game, after a joint effort to improve the graphics.

The information was released in February’s Inside Infinite. According to graphic producer Alex Le Boulicaut, since the official release of the game “the team has been working continuously to improve the graphics and especially the lighting of the game.”

The improved images were captured from the PC version:

“This additional level of polish required the coordination of several disciplines, such as: Graphics, Lighting, Environments, Characters, Sandbox and more,” added Le Boulicaut.

Halo Infinite is one of Microsoft’s big bets to consolidate itself in the new generation of video games. The adventure brings the return of Master Chief and with a plot set after the events of Halo 5.

The initial forecast is that Halo: Infinite would be released together with the Xbox Series X / S, that is, in November of last year. Due to heavy criticism regarding the graphics, the company decided to postpone it. The latest official information is that the game will hit the market later this year.


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