Halo Infinite: Devs have even considered postponing Halo Infinite once again


Halo Infinite developers at 343 Industries considered another delay for the game, but ultimately decided it wasn’t necessary. The information is discussed in the latest game development update video, which you can check below:

In the video, Joseph Staten, the creative lead, comments on the fact that the game will be released without co-op campaign and The Forge mode. Some fans even asked for a second delay for the game to be released with these features, but the devs’ decision is that Halo Infinite is a “live” game that will never be “really ready”. Instead, there will always be updates with more content, so eventually the game has to be released.

“What we’ve decided is that Halo Infinite is a ‘live’ game, so it’s never really ‘ready’. It’s going to continue to progress and evolve with each season. beginning, you need to take a moment and actually get started.”

Even with the devs talking openly about the talks of a possible postponement and rejecting the idea, it’s worth remembering that Halo Infinite still doesn’t have a specific date set to arrive. Instead, the game is slated for later this year – and that information is reaffirmed by Staten: “we’re 100% committed to launching this holiday season.”


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