Halo Infinite Can Be a Big Problem for Gamers with Data Limitations


Halo Infinite has been available for more than six months, but even now curious players are learning new details about the game. Software developer and content creator Halo Niko recently shared a strange discovery on Twitter. They claim that while playing the online multiplayer game Halo Infinite, they found that the game absorbs data at an incredible rate. Halo Infinite players with data limitations may have to beware that the game consumes gigabytes of data in just a few matches.

To be more specific, Nico explains that when they started tracking the amount of data that Halo Infinite was using, they found that the matches themselves were actually very light. For one match, “about 11 MB” of data was used. However, when Halo Infinite returned to its menus, it was there that it began to devour data from hand to hand. Nico’s findings showed that the main menu of Halo Infinite downloaded “about 300 MB of data” after the match on both PC and Xbox. Two matches, according to Niko, uploaded a total of more than 1 GB of data.

An accusation of this kind will understandably be met with some skepticism in the Halo Infinite community. In the end, it could be Niko’s mistake or an error related to their installation. Still others have now been able to investigate the problem and agree with Nico’s results. They even found the source of the problem. According to initial analysis, the Halo Infinite main menu banner image for the second season loads thousands of times, constantly reloading until the player enters the match.

Infinite loads the Season 2 banner image approximately 1000-2000 times, which is about 1-1.5 GB of data that is wasted. The download stops while you are in the match, but after you exit the menu, the download starts again. This should be an easily solvable problem on the 343 side. of the halo

The good news is that this is clearly a mistake and not an intentional action on the part of 343 Industries. The banner image needs to be uploaded only once. It doesn’t need to be updated between matches, let alone hundreds if not thousands of times. Once 343 investigates the problem, it should be a relatively simple and quick solution.

The bad news is that this problem persists in Halo Infinite. Anyone who plans to play Halo Infinite this weekend, who has a data transfer restriction on the Internet service, may change their mind. Until 343 releases a fix, this data limit could evaporate in just one or two hours of playing Halo Infinite online.

As for bugs, this Halo Infinite problem is undoubtedly unique. Does the developer’s online game accidentally download gigabytes of data, this is a fairly simple test that needs to be checked before launching an update. But updating the banner too quickly is also a simple mistake that is easy to understand even for attentive developers. We hope that the problem will be resolved quickly, and Halo Infinite players will be able to maintain their bandwidth until the end of July.

Halo Infinite is already available on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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