Halo Infinite and Razer Launch Their Own Line of Specialty Peripherals; Date and Price


Halo Infinite: 343 Industries collaborates with Razer to launch a range of officially licensed Halo Infinite peripherals. They will arrive on October 21.Halo Infinite will be the star of a new line of specialty peripherals from Razer. The Asian manufacturer will market four officially licensed Microsoft flagship products. They will go on sale on October 21, 2021 starting at 89.99 euros.

Razer and Halo Infinite: this is the collaboration

The models chosen for this special series are the Kaira Pro for Xbox (169.99 euros), the BlackWidow V3 keyboard (159.99 euros), the Deathadder V2 mouse (79.99 euros) and the Goliathus Extender Chroma (89.99 euros). euros). Each includes an exclusive ingame reward, such as the Deadly Poison Clad for the Spartan Armor, the Fangs Emblem for your profile, and 5 challenge changes; Depending on the product you buy, you will receive one or the other.

“The Halo franchise has long been synonymous with incredibly immersive gameplay, epic storytelling and fast-paced multiplayer competition, with Halo Infinite looking to continue that tradition on PC as well as Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S consoles.” , explains the manufacturer in a press release. “Razer has honed decades of competitive excellence into the DNA of our products, and through this collaboration, we are providing Halo fans with the best gear and the best immersive experience to enjoy Halo Infinite on all platforms.” At the moment they have not transcended the Spanish stores that will put these products on sale.

Remember that Halo Infinite is scheduled to launch on December 8 in the Xbox ecosystem. Although we will know specific details of the campaign at a date closer to its arrival, in MeriStation we were able to put ourselves at the controls of its first technical test of the multiplayer. By clicking on this link you will be able to read the first impressions of a competitive that aims to be one of the most prominent names of the Christmas period.


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