Halo Infinite And Pandemic Hurt Battlefield 2042, Says EA


Halo Infinite: EA has once again spoken officially about the performance and reception of Battlefield 2042 — acknowledging that the title has indeed gone through some problems, which have led to high criticism from the public and also made the game not meet internal expectations.

According to the website XFire, the evaluation was revealed in a meeting with the presence of the head of studios at EA, Laura Miele. The executive pointed out several factors that, together, contributed to this result.

Previously, the company’s CEO, Andrew Wilson, also lamented the poor reception of the title, which works in a live service style.

Pandemic and even rival game

One of the problems, according to EA, was the arrival of the covid-19 pandemic. “Add to all this innovation, all this ambition about the new project, with a global pandemic in the middle of the schedule, with game teams having to work from home. We ended up with new variables during development than we’ve had before.” explains.

Still, Miele says that the community’s responses were initially quite positive and the contributions in the first tests helped to improve the game a lot.

However, the game’s launch faced a new obstacle, according to the executive: the arrival of Microsoft’s Halo Infinite, which was compared to the new Battlefield for “being more polished” and not having so many bugs.