Halo: Game Based Series Renewed For Season 2 look!


Halo: Even before its debut on Paramount+ on March 24, the series Halo already has a 2nd season confirmed. According to information released by the website Variety, the streaming service has relied a lot on the work done by the adaptation team, which culminated in the renewal even before launch.

David Nevins, executive producer for Showtime and Paramount+, said the renovation “reflects the confidence we have in the power of this epic series to attract and engage viewers.”

The series is a live-action and is based on one of the most beloved video games from the company Xbox Game Studios, and one of its biggest successes in history – the franchise has already grossed more than US$ 6 billion since the launch of the first game.

The game tells the story of a war fought between the human race and an alien alliance known as the Covenant.

Paramount+’s Halo stars Pablo Schreiber (American Gods) as John-117, aka the Master Chief, a soldier cybernetically modified to defend the human race. Jen Taylor, who voices Cortana in the games, will also play the same role in the series.

The cast also includes Natascha McElhone (The Truman Show), Bokeem Woodbine (Double Change), Shabana Azmi (Fire and Desire), Bentley Kalu (Pandorica), Natasha Culzac (The Witcher), Kate Kennedy (A Night’s Dream). of Summer), Danny Sapani (Penny Dreadful), Olive Gray (Rose) and Charlie Murphy (Peaky Blinders).