Halo: Devs Would Like To See Master Chief In Smash Bros. Ultimate


Halo: One of the new features presented by Nintendo last Tuesday (15) during its Nintendo Direct was the addition of Kazuya (from the Tekken series) as a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. After that announcement, it didn’t take long for the Halo team to once again express their desire to see Master Chief in the game.

The most recent rally was Brian Jarrard, community manager for the series at 343. In his Twitter message, he stressed that it would be fantastic to see the character in arenas that have already received numerous special guests, and even called players to express this wish to Phil Spencer, Xbox boss at Microsoft, and Doug Bowser, director of Nintendo’s US division.

“As a longtime fan of both games, it would be awesome to have seen a Master Chief ad on Smash today. Nothing is happening, at least to my knowledge, but maybe what happened this week could open a door. If you agree, perhaps we should ‘politely’ express this wish to Phil Spencer and Doug Bowser,” the message reads.

It is noteworthy that the official account of the series for Xbox had mentioned that the presence of the Master Chief in the Nintendo game was something that would please devs, and you can recall that message from 2019 below:


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