Halo: Combat Evolved. The origins of a legendary saga


We review the origins and development of one of the most important proper names in recent video game history. Pac-man, Mario, Crash Bandicoot, Cloud, Bomberman, Spyro …

Whatever your knowledge in video games, you have most likely heard of at least one of these sagas. These emblems are a reference for their developers and are part of the ideals of Namco, Nintendo, Sony … And Microsoft’s is Halo.

Accompanied by its first console, Microsoft broke into the video game industry with one of the most beloved sagas in the world that, with luck, we still promise a more than hopeful future. In Meristation we wanted to give a review of this mythical saga and discover its origins with Halo: Combat Evolved, apart from also telling you anecdotes of its development and stories of old curmudgeons with which to feed your love towards the saga.

You can’t understand Halo without first talking about Bungie as a developer. Founded in Chicago in 1991 it debuted in the middle with Gnop! a clone game of the legendary Pong for Mac computers. Although this game was free, many other developers paid $ 15 to get their source code, so with that income they created Pathways.

With this video game the need to create stories beyond eating fruit or saving princesses arose in them, so they got down to work. The result of all this were prizes with which they managed to raise funds to create an office and hire their first workers with whom to create Marathon, their first success and where the roots of many of the elements of Halo are guessed.

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After going through the strategy with the unforgettable Myth, Bungie planned to create a new success for Apple in the form of Halo, which in its first iteration was more tactical and in the third person, until Microsoft saw its potential and decided to buy Bungie to turn it into a spearhead with which to strengthen the catalog of its first console: Xbox. From there, it is the living history of the video game.


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