Halo: Behind-the-scenes stills from game-based TV series


Recently, Showtime and 343 Industries released some new footage related to the backstage of the Halo series, which is being produced based directly on the game’s events.

The photos reveal some interesting details about how the production process is working, as well as giving fans a taste of what’s coming.

According to what has been determined so far, the series will be starring Pablo Schreiber, playing Master Chief. The production will feature about ten episodes in its first season. For now, no debut date has been confirmed by Showtime.

Halo: see new behind-the-scenes images of the series

The images were shared on the game’s official website. Although none of them show, in fact, the dynamics of the filming in question, the atmosphere of the game, as well as some objects of the scenography can be seen in detail. Certainly, those who are looking forward to the debut of this production will recognize them.

One of the photos focuses on what appears to be the hand of a Covenant soldier. The model is packaged in plastic and appears to belong to an Elite or Jackal – two types of enemies that players have known throughout the franchise.

However, it is not yet known exactly where this prop is being used. However, this evidence already indicates that the production will have great loyalty with its base material, at least in terms of character design.

Other photos show a little bit of what the public can expect from the United Nations Space Command (UNSC). One of them even has a shipping box with its logo printed on it. In the following image, there is an entire line of battle rifles. These weapons look identical to those found in games.


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