Halo 3 Mod Recreates The Call of Duty Zombie Experience


Halo 3: The modder CrispyMods launched last Wednesday (21) a new expansion for Halo 3, adding the iconic zombie mode inspired by Call of Duty and including all its main survival mechanics.

In Halo 3: Zombies, the player can join up to three other friends to face hordes of zombies sent in waves, bringing a progressive challenge that increases the number of enemies, levels and characteristics. At the end of each attack, the team receives points that are freely distributed among members and can be used to purchase weapons, equipment, power ups and enhancement attributes.

The mod includes levels of difficulty for beginners and veterans of the Halo franchise, as well as a last one, the Legendary, which promises better rewards at the end of the levels and a special one after the elimination of the 25 waves. And for the solitary on duty, the expansion also includes a solo mode, with some different advantages and boosts geared towards a player’s mechanics. Check out the Zombies launch trailer below.

To check the complete description of the modification and have access to the free installation step by step and the necessary requirements to play it, just go to the NexusMods website.

Do you play Halo 3 on the PC? What do you think of joining some friends to make this game at least different? Leave your answer in the comments.


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