Halloween: Who Are The Actors Who Have Played Michael Myers?


Halloween: The most serial killer of the Halloween saga hides under a mask, but has had many faces represented by different actors. The lights go out, the pumpkins watch over the gardens of the houses and the evening passes as on any Halloween night, with the children looking for their “trick or treat”. Something different and strange happens in the shadows, when Michael Myers stalks knife in hand, wearing a ghostly mask. What face is behind that blank rubber face? The truth is that the horror saga created by John Carpenter, who will premiere Halloween Kills on October 22, has hidden many different actors behind the mask.

All the actors who have put themselves in the shoes of Michael Myers

Here are all the actors who have given life to the ruthless Michael Myers:

Halloween Night: Nick Castle, Tony Moran, Will Sandin (young)
Halloween II: Dick Warlock, Will Sandin (young), Adam Gunn (young)
Halloween III: Michael Myers does not appear
Halloween 4: George P. Wilbur, Erik Preston (Young)
Halloween 5: Don Shanks
Halloween 6: George P. Wildur
Hallowen H20: Chris Durand
Halloween Resurrection: Brad Loree
Halloween Remake: Tyler Mane, Daeg Faerch (child)
Halloween Remake 2: Tylor Mane, Chase Wright (young)
Halloween (2018): James Jude Courtney
Halloween Kills: James Jude Courtney
Halloween Kills will not be the end of the road, since this new saga will close with a third movie. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the release date of the film that now hits theaters has been delayed. However, everything seems to indicate that Halloween Ends will arrive in time for its debut in 2022. Michael Myers still has a few more murders on his death list. Let’s hope he doesn’t touch any of us …


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