Halloween Kills: Blumhouse Releases Scary Movie Teaser


Blumhouse released today the first teaser of Halloween Kills: The Terror Continues. The preview shows some quick scenes from the next film in the franchise, showing that Michael Myers is still hunting down Laurie. Check out the video.

The new feature keeps David Gordon Green in the direction, since the plot will start exactly at the end of Halloween 2018. Ignoring the whole series, this new trilogy of the franchise connects only with the original film, released in 1978, and has the return of Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode, in his eternal escape from Michael Myers. John Carpenter, who directed the first film in the franchise, returns as a producer and composer.

The script for the film is signed by Green, in partnership with Danny McBride (Halloween) and Scott Teems (Narcos: Mexico). The filmmaker has already given some clues about what to expect from this sequence. He commented that, unlike what normally happens, the public will now see the consequences of the Myers attack in the city of Haddonfield.

“If the first film was a little recounting Myers’ origins and bringing us up to date on where Laurie has been all those years, then part two is about Haddonfield’s outrage,” Green told Total Film. “Mob Rules [something like‘ crowd rules ’in direct translation] was our working title for the film. It is about a community that is united by indignation and divided on how to deal with evil. ”

The cast also features Halloween Kills: The Terror Continues Judy Greer, Kyle Richards, Nick Castle, Anthony Michael Hall and Andi Matichak. The film was scheduled to hit theaters this year, but due to the new coronavirus pandemic, it was postponed to October 15, 2021.


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