Halloween is over and Jamie Lee Curtis shares a new image of Laurie Strode


The horror genre has been thriving for many years, to the delight of fans. One of the best horror films to appear recently was the 2018 Halloween movie, which led to the ordering of two more films from director David Gordon Green. The trilogy will end with Halloween, where Jamie Lee Curtis recently shared a new image of Laurie Strode, and oh.

The stakes for the end of Halloween are high, as this will be the last performance of Jamie Lee Curtis as the heroine of the Laurie Strode franchise. Fans are eagerly waiting for her and Michael Myers to get into a fight, as they were kept apart throughout the entire duration of the previous sequel “Halloween Kills.” Curtis recently celebrated her name change on Instagram with an image from the upcoming slasher, and I really feel for the iconic last girl.

I’m not sure what Michael Myers did to Laurie before this image, but it can’t be something convenient. While Jamie Lee Curtis is thrilled to finally have a simpler Instagram username, she certainly chose a fun unconventional way to celebrate the occasion. But after seeing this mysterious image, I’m even more excited to see the full trailer for “Halloween Ends.”

The above post came to us from Jamie Lee Curtis’ personal Instagram, which was rebranded today. Presumably because someone else created an account in her name, Curtis’ previous alias was @curtisleejamie. But, according to the actress/philanthropist, she “Missy Elliott redid it,” that is, turned it over and turned it over. Pretty iconic behavior, I think.

Although this is mostly a humorous post, it is sure to arouse the interest of generations of Halloween fans. Because even though “Halloween Ends” is being released to theaters and broadcast on Peacock, not much content or information has been released to the general public. While this helps protect the content of the upcoming slasher, fans want to know more about Jamie Lee Curtis’ swan song as Laurie Strode’s beloved character.

After the first debut video for those present at CinemaCon, fans saw a brief but exciting teaser of “Halloween ends”. But the footage was limited and interspersed with some snippets from John Carpenter’s 1978 original. You can review this short clip below,

While this teaser helps fuel anticipation for the end of Halloween, it doesn’t really reveal much about the contents of David Gordon Green’s triquel. There was only a brief appearance by Allison Andy Maticak, and Kyle Richards was completely absent. Thus, the film, it would seem, can surprise the audience with its mysterious content.

“The End of Halloween” is currently expected to hit theaters and air on Peacock on October 14. In the meantime, check out the movie’s release dates in 2022 to plan your next movie.


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