Halloween event marks return of Contamination Mode


The developer Tencent launched, this last Friday, the 16th, a new update for PUBG Mobile, starting the Halloween celebrations of the month of October. The free patch marks the return of Contamination Mode to the game and adds several exclusive items and themed cosmetics that can be redeemed and purchased at the digital store.

“Something ‘scary’ is coming. The Contamination Mode has arrived, get together and fight the hordes of zombies now!”

Found in the Evo Ground region in the main menu of the game, Contamination Mode puts players to play matches in two teams, the Defenders and the Zombies. With only 12 competitors placed in each arena, the survivors will be left with 9 members at their side, while the infected will start with just 3.

That way, Defenders will be able to use weapons like the M416 and AK47 to defend themselves from the undead, while Zombies will have unique abilities with the ability to stun rivals and turn them into infected, bringing them to their side and increasing the field advantage. When only 3 Defenders remain, they will receive a buff of skills and may cause permanent death in the eliminated undead.

The Halloween update will also come with a number of exclusive themed items such as themes, skins and more. In the coming days, the PUBG Mobile store will start making extras available to players who want to purchase them, so it’s worth keeping an eye on!


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