Halloween ends with a reworking of the hateful storyline from “Resurrection”?


Will the plot from the maligned “Halloween: Resurrection” be repeated in “The Ends of Halloween”? Halloween 2018 proved that even after 40 years, there was life in the long-running series. There have been several times in the franchise when any entry has failed – for example, “Halloween III: Season of the Witches” in 1982 or “The Curse of Michael Myers” in 1995 — that viewers have grown tired of this property. Like Michael himself, the series knows how to shake itself off and keep moving.

The success of the 2018 recording prompted the same creative group to announce two sequels. Unfortunately, the “Halloween Kills” of 2021 disappointed many, starting with a flimsy story and ending with poorly executed social comments. “Halloween Ends” is positioned as the dramatic final chapter of the story of Michael Myers and Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis). The details of the sequel’s plot have not yet been disclosed, although it is known that Laurie, her granddaughter Allison and the new boyfriend of the last Corey will fight Michael for the last time.

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“The End of Halloween” recognizes the past tense, and the sequel takes place four years after the events of “Halloween 2018” and “Murders” that occurred on the same night. At that time, Michael was missing, although, given how homely Slasher is, it is likely that he is hiding somewhere in Haddonfield itself. In the trailer for “Halloween Ends,” a brief shot was shown of Michael grabbing someone’s hand in what looked like a sewer, suggesting he was loitering under the city.

Michael also hid in the sewers in “Halloween: Resurrection”

If this turns out to be the case, then “Halloween Ends” may be inspired by 2002’s “Resurrection” (which had FOUR alternate endings). It was the eighth entry in the series overall, and in it the reality TV crew invaded Myers’ old house for a special broadcast. They don’t realize that Michael is hiding under the house in the sewer, where he feeds on rats. There is a certain logic in the fact that “Halloween ends” in the fact that Michael decided to hide in the sewer, especially if it is near his old house.

Nevertheless, the repetition of the plot point from the much-hated Halloween: Resurrection will not escape the fans, especially since this record has few defenders, if any. Of course, it’s entirely possible that “Halloween Ends” won’t reveal that Myers is hiding in the sewers, and maybe won’t even explain where he was in between Halloween movies. As long as there is no unexpected return of Bast Rhimes’ character Freddy in the sequel, and the film ends with him beating Michael up again, comparisons between the two should be minimal.


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