Halloween Ends Is Releasing One of John Carpenter’s New Songs, And It’s Scary


Jamie Lee Curtis and John Carpenter both help bring the end of Halloween to fans.

Now that autumn has arrived, and October is almost here, we have entered a time affectionately known as the creepy season. Many of us will be curling up to watch some of the best horror movies at this time, and the new slasher triquel “Halloween Ends” is coming out in theaters and streaming on Peacock in just a few weeks. Halloween Ends has just released one of John Carpenter’s new songs, and it’s really scary.

John Carpenter changed the horror genre forever by releasing the original Halloween movie in 1978, and he is the executive producer and composer of the current David Gordon Green trilogy. His latest contribution is the key point that made the last two films seem so scary, and smart money says the iconic director will do his best for “Halloween.” Now we can hear one of the new tracks for the long-awaited slasher, check it out below, courtesy of Carpenter’s YouTube account:

Is it October 14th already? The stakes of “Halloween Ends” have never been higher, as the upcoming slasher is expected to be Jamie Lee Curtis’ last performance as the franchise heroine Laurie Strode. The content of the film is a complete mystery, but it looks like this frightening track will be heard when Michael Myers claims one of his many victims throughout the duration of its execution.

This new song is called “Junk Yard”, which probably gives away the setting of this particular attack by Michael Myers. “Halloween Ends” will begin years after the events of the last two films, allowing the timeline to catch up with the real world. But unfortunately for the town of Haddonfield, the Uniform will knock again, and eventually he will come face to face with Laurie Strode herself.

The content of “Halloween Ends” was mostly kept secret, no doubt in an attempt to protect viewers from spoilers. Indeed, in the final trailer, we got our first clear glimpses of the various characters making up the story. We remind you that you can watch the latest footage below,

As we can see, there will be a significant jump in time in the “Halloween Ends”, which should allow the various returning characters to change from the moment we saw them last. As for Laurie Strode from Jamie Lee Krutis, she seems to have finally started living her life and is no longer obsessed with the Boogeyman. That means she won’t be ready when Michael finally returns to Haddonfield.

Aside from Jamie Lee Curtis’ latest performance as her signature character, fans also want to see other returning faces. While most of the cast of Halloween Kills was killed by Michael (including Karen Judy Greer), Laurie’s granddaughter Allison (Andy Maticak) and first survivor Lindsay (Kyle Richards) will reappear.

“Halloween Ends” will be released in theaters and on “Peacock” on October 14. In the meantime, check out the movie’s release dates in 2022 to plan your next movie.


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