Hallmark Stars Alexa and Carlos PenaVega Speak Out After Signing a New Contract With The Network


As Hallmark stars leave the network for rival company Great American Family, the fan-loved duo remains on the fan-loved network! Alexa and Carlos PenaVega have signed a new deal with the company, and this event is sure to please the audience. In the news, the married stars also talked about their decision to stay.

According to Deadline, the two stars have signed a joint deal with Hallmark Media. Alexa PenaVega has been appearing in the entertainment company’s films since 2014, and her husband Carlos started his job at the company in 2017. The premiere of their last joint film “Love in the Spotlight” took place in August last year as part of the Fall Into Love channel program. . The couple released a joint statement in which they expressed their excitement about the deal and shed light on why they resumed the relationship.:

Hallmark has become a second home for our family. Over the past four years, they have given us the opportunity to grow as actors and producers while raising our children, even if it means having a family on set! So far, developing projects with them has been the highlight of our career. We are very happy that we can continue to create content that is suitable for the whole family and relevant, while maintaining its core values that we love so much. Hallmark is special, and we look forward to many more joint projects.

Based on their previous experience with the network, one can definitely understand why they want to stay. Most likely, they will be able to do quite a bit thanks to this new agreement. Perhaps they will be able to star together in a brand new Hallmark franchise or lead the continuation of the Picture Perfect mysteries. Anyway, it’s just nice to know they’re staying put.

Currently, PenaVega also has business ventures unrelated to the family channel. Carlos has returned to making music with Big Time Rush and will continue the band’s comeback next February after their summer tour. And although Alexa has recently starred in several television films, she has also voiced the Nickelodeon animated series “Casagrandes”— along with Carlos— for three seasons. Last summer, the singer and star of “Spy Kids” also released the book “What if Love is the main thing?”

Carlos PenaVega - IMDb

Alexa and Carlos PenaVega are just the latest to sign new contracts with Hallmark in the midst of acquiring GAF talent. Lacey Chabert signed a general contract with the company earlier this year and talked about the most useful part of her work with the corporation. (She likes to listen to fan stories.) Brennan Elliott has also signed on, as have several others, which means there are still a significant number of famous stars on the network.

All this time, fans are preparing for the media company’s favorite Christmas movie season, as many new holiday films are on the way. It’s likely that the PenaVegas deal will be accompanied by a holiday movie or two, but it doesn’t look like it will happen this year.

Although we currently have no details about upcoming Alexa and Carlos PenaVega projects, they certainly have something interesting planned! Fingers crossed that we have more films in which they play together. And while you’re waiting for news on that front, you can read about the films that will be heading to Hallmark soon.


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