Hallmark star Brennan Elliott talks about his wife’s illness and the support of fans


Hallmark star Brennan Elliott, best known for such dramas as “Cedar Cove” and starring in “Secrets of the Crosswords” with Lacey Chabert, is battling cancer at home. His wife, Kami, was diagnosed with stage four metastatic stomach cancer. It was Elliott who previously reported the news, and more recently, the Hallmark star spoke about what it was like to open the door and inform fans about the personal struggle he and his wife faced at home.

Brennan Elliott previously announced his wife’s cancer diagnosis in an Instagram post in April, calling her “fearless” even when “faced with an opponent who never plays fair.”

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In his post, Elliott wrote that he usually prefers to separate his work and personal life, but eventually he and his wife decided to share this news with their fans. Many people suffer from cancer in one way or another, and they thought that openness and honesty could help someone who is struggling, or knows someone who is struggling with the disease. A few months later, the star attended Christmas Con with many other Hallmark stars and told People about how his wife was doing, as well as how the post really blew up and led to the moment when a lot of people supported Kami at the event. once.

We posted something and I didn’t want to post anything and return it to me, so I posted something on my social media that was about her because I wanted it to be about her. Over two days, more than a million people prayed for her. It was just bananas. This is the testimony of fans, people who watch this channel, and people who are part of the cancer community.

The actor also told the publication that Cami Elliott is still fighting cancer. Although things seemed to be going well and “there are no signs of illness,” he does not paint a positive picture of everything that he and his wife had to go through, calling cancer “an absolute nightmare.” But they both went through it together, and Brennan Elliott revealed that it’s “okay if it’s not okay,” and also shared details about her chemotherapy.

It’s hanging there. She has completed her last eighth course of chemotherapy. Well, she’s done 16 in the last two or three years. Yes, she is a warrior.

Kami has had several bouts of cancer in the past, and it seems that this path of chemotherapy has been long and difficult. On the part of the couple, it’s honest to openly tell the actor’s fans about what’s going on at home, and this is a good reminder that people often struggle behind closed doors that others may not know anything about. For example, Elliott has been working on this whole trial and even released a new Mystery crossword puzzle as part of Hallmark’s schedule in August after Elliott signed a new general contract earlier this year. (This is especially good news considering Hallmark’s recent cancellation of other detective franchises.)

If he hadn’t told about this other trip that he and his wife went on, no one might have found out. However, when you’re comfortable sharing the hard way, love, support and patience can sometimes be the end result, and we’ve seen this happen with other celebrities who have shared their journey with cancer, such as Jeff Bridges. Our thoughts go out to Elliott and his wife as they continue to do their best day in and day out.


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