Hallmark orders another new series, as disappointed fans of “When the Heart Calls” are waiting for the 10th season of the News


Hallmark Channel has announced a new series “The Trip”, which will premiere in 2023. The premiere of a new show called “The Road Home” will also take place next year. When Hallmark announces a new series, fans of “When the Heart Calls” begin to get nervous about the future of the show.

Another new show is coming out on the Hallmark channel. The premiere of the drama “Trip” about a rodeo family, in which several generations participate, will take place in 2023. Earlier, the network announced “The Way Home”, which tells about three generations of women who discovered that they can travel in time. The premiere is also scheduled for next year. But as Hallmark reveals plans to create more scripts, fans of “When the Heart Calls” are wondering if the long-running borderline drama will be canceled or relaunched.

The premiere of “The Trip” and “The Road Home” will take place on the Hallmark channel in 2023.

The ride will be dedicated to the Murrays, a Colorado family who are struggling to keep their family’s beloved ranch afloat. According to Deadline, the series was created by a team of writers consisting of husband and wife, Rebecca Boss and Chris Masi. They will also serve as showrunners and executive producers along with Sherri Cooper-Landsman. Production of the show will begin this summer in Calgary, Alberta.

The cast has not yet been announced, but in the series, the characters will go through a path of transformation and discovery, moving forward after a tragic loss. At the same time, a web of secrets is revealed that threatens to tear their small town apart. Despite the difficulties, the close-knit family remains strong thanks to three influential women: Missy, the widowed rodeo queen, the matriarch Isabel and Valaria, a former runaway teenage girl.

Hallmark also gave the green light to a new series called “The Road Home.” It will be dedicated to three women from the Landry family: Kat, Alice and Del. Kat and her mother Del have lived together for many years, and Kat’s daughter Alice has never met her grandmother. But when they discover that they live together under the same roof, they make a discovery that changes their lives and puts them on the path of healing.

Fans of the series “When the heart calls” are wondering about season 10