Halide Mark II is presented with brand new features


Halide has released a new version of the popular iPhone camera application called Halide Mark II. The new version comes with many new features. These include a revamped design, upgraded RAW processing, and a new pricing model.

Halide says the Mark II has a “thoroughly renewed design” that aims to keep your work free. No matter which iPhone model you use the app with, all photo controls will now be near your thumb. There is also a new font. Even the small window in the lower left corner of your screen showing a preview of the last frame you took fits the curvature of your iPhone’s screen. All of this to make sure that people who use Apple’s default camera every day feel comfortable. However, as always, Halide also has a lot of advanced photography tricks.

The new Mark II version of the application can now take both RAW and text-processed images of the iPhone at the same time, through a feature Halide calls Coverage. Most photo filters and social media apps do not accept RAW images, but the benefit of RAW is that you can take an unprocessed photo and then edit them more conveniently. The benefit of Coverage is that when you take a picture it offers two pictures. You can immediately share one on social media and use the other to edit later. That said, Coverage comes off by default.

In addition, Halide Mark II offers a new Instant RAW feature that “intelligently” enhances a single RAW image in a 17-step process without the need to adjust sliders or levels. “Instant RAW can work as a midpoint between a fully unedited RAW and a fully rendered JPEG,” Halide wrote in her blog post. says. The company said in a statement to The Verge site that an Instant RAW image will look different from the JPG you can get from an image with Apple’s Smart HDR process. He also states that Halide’s image processing approach is modeled according to how cinema photography has developed. (If you want, you can also send your RAW images to other applications like Darkroom for more extensive editing.)

halide mark ii

Halide says the Mark II is “ProRAW ready.” This means that when Apple releases this feature for the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max by the end of the year, the new format will be supported from the beginning. In addition, Halide also offers a 10-day course in the app to help users learn more about photography through the features in the app and by explaining photography concepts. According to the blog, the course is designed for “both new and experienced users”.

Overall, the Mark II seems like a pretty comprehensive update for Halide fans. Education tools also seem useful for those who want to try more advanced mobile photography but don’t know where to start. Halide Mark II is now distributed as an update of the original app from the App Store.


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