Half-Life Loop Puts Gordon Freeman On a Rogue-Like Adventure


Half-Life is one of the greatest classics in the history of FPS games and inspires fans to create their own versions of the game even today. And one of those creations that deserves to be highlighted is Half-Life Loop, a top-down version of the game that put Gordon Freeman to escape from a series of rooms in Black Mesa in a rogue-like style.

The project is led by Daniel Almenara and is currently under development, seeking crowdfunding from Patreon. As we can see in the trailer, the fan managed to capture the style of the original Half-Life well, not only in aesthetics, but also in the graphics that were available at the time.

For now, Half-Life: Loop is just a hobby for Almenara, so it might still take a while for us to see a finished version of the game. One of the developer’s goals on Patreon, however, is to achieve enough income for him to work on the game as a second job – but at the time of this post that goal is still some way off.

At least players interested in the project don’t have to worry about Valve stopping its development. Unlike other producers, the owner of Half-Life is usually very “open-minded” with games made in her honor. Most likely, Gabe Newell’s company will ask Almenara to change the name of Half-Life Loop, just as they did with Black Mesa.


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