Half-Life: A Mod That You Can Play Alyx With Keyboard And Mouse


Half-Life: A new mode that will be played by Valve’s VR sets has been released to enable Alyx to be played with keyboard and mouse. The mod, published by independent developers, allows the game to be completed without using the VR set.

Valve recently announced Half-Life: Alyx, the new game in the Half-Life franchise. Half-Life: Alyx, which reached thousands of players in a short time, was only played with VR sets, preventing all players from experiencing the new game.

Half-Life: Shortly after the launch of Alyx, a mode was released by independent developers that allows the game to be played with keyboard and mouse. It was not possible to complete the game from start to finish with the first mode that allowed the game to be partially played with the keyboard and mouse.

The limitations of the previously published mode disappear
Now Half-Life: has released a new mode that promises that it is possible to play all of Alyx without VR sets. Half-Life: The installation of the new mode where players can play and complete the game with keyboard and mouse is explained by the video on the r57zone YouTube channel.

After the installation process, which is a bit more complicated than expected, Half-Life: Alyx can really be played and finished with the keyboard and mouse. The mod’s source code page on GitHub also includes a guide on the game’s controls. The guide provides information about the paths players can follow in chapters where they will have difficulty in terms of controls.

Half-Life without VR: Alyx was the expectation of all players
Half-Life: The new mode that allows Alyx to be played without a VR set looks better compared to the previously released modes. However, it seems that players will have to deal with these complex setup processes and some limitations until Valve itself releases a VR-free mode.

A large audience has been waiting for a mode without Half-Life: Alyx’s VR. Even Robin Walker, one of Valve’s game designers, said he was looking forward to the non-VR Half-Life: Alyx modes. Now the eyes are turned to developer company Valve for VR-free mode. Until Valve releases such a mod, players will continue to play the game with keyboard and mouse, with mods released by independent developers.

Half-Life: Installation video of the mod where Alyx can be finished without VR:


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