Half-Life 2 Remaster Collection: Fan Project Supported by Valve


Half-Life 2 Remaster Collection: Many fans decide to put their development talents to the test by recreating versions of some existing games, but there are few cases in which they get the support of the studio that originated the game to proceed with their creations. If you’re a Half-Life fan, this happened recently with a Half-Life 2 Remaster Collection project.

According to the information that is running on the network, the project in question is signed by the modifier Filip Victor and, despite mentioning in its description that the game has no relationship with Valve, the studio is calm with the project and even gave your consent for creation to continue.

It is noteworthy that Victor is not totally unknown with regard to the series, considering that he himself has previously collaborated with some improvements for the second title in the franchise. In fact, so far there is no forecast for the release of Half-Life 2 Remastered Collection.


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