Hajime Tabata Works On Games That Are Evolutions of Final Fantasy


Hajime Tabata: In a recent interview with Famitsu magazine, director Hajime Tabata (who takes his name in the credits of Final Fantasy XV) revealed that he is working on two new RPGs that take their inspiration from the Square Enix franchise.

Although he didn’t reveal many details of these games during the chat, he commented that both are Final Fantasy evolutions and can be considered large-scale projects. The first one has been conceived as an experimental RPG that has already ended its pre- production and brings a campaign similar to Final Fantasy Type-0 in terms of longevity – however, with a lot of replay factor due to the multiplayer.

The second title is a AAA that has just started production and, in his words, is an “evolved version of Final Fantasy XV” that will be focused on free exploration, with a vibe very similar to the system used by nomads in beginning of humanity.

So, can you imagine what’s next? Curious to check out these projects? Leave your opinion in the space below for comments.


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