Hair thin boat will carry medicine in human body


Using a 3D printer, Dutch scientists produced the world’s smallest boat, one third the thickness of a hair shaft. It will produce potential micro-bodies small enough to travel through the human body to carry drugs to treat diseases.

Physicists Rachel Doherty and Daniela Kraft of Leiden University in the Netherlands produced the world’s smallest boat, measuring 30 micrometers, using a three-dimensional printer. Produced using an electron microscope and a high resolution 3D printer, the dimensions of the tub were stated to be one-third the thickness of a hair strand.

The physicists stated that the purpose of the study was to design potential micro-swimmers that could travel inside the human body to practice medical treatments and to better understand the behavior of bacteria of the same size.

In addition to the small boat, Leiden University physicists also produced a pointed sphere of the same size, a starship, a spiral, and a spiral body. Physicists, on the other hand, emphasized that another purpose of the study was to produce microscopic drug-dispensing bodies that could move within the body by producing small particles that could move in fluids in the human body and follow with a microscope.

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