Hailey Bieber’s low Point: Did she have suicidal thoughts?


How bad was Hailey Bieber (25) really? Since she married Justin Bieber (28 years old), she has had to overcome some difficulties. Among other things, the model was accused of Justin teasing his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez (30). Then both she and her husband got sick. Although she quickly recovered from a small blood clot in the brain, Justin even had to cancel some performances due to Ramsay Hunt syndrome. Mentally, beauty has apparently reached its limit: did Hayley even have suicidal thoughts?

“You may have the idea that you’re not worth it, that you just don’t want to be around anymore, as it happened to me in the past,” the 25—year-old began on Alex Cooper’s podcast “Call Her.” Dad.” . To get out of this, a supportive environment is the most important thing. “I think sometimes we can’t understand these thoughts on our own,” she explained.

You need to reach out to someone you feel safe with and who supports you. “That doesn’t make you feel crazy or that you shouldn’t feel so dark, unfathomable and heavy,” Haley added. But their own thoughts are often the opposite. Because she tells herself that because of her big life, these feelings are not justified. “The dialogue in my head looks like this: “Come on, come on,” she said.


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