Hailey Bieber is Sincere About Her Strange Disease


The model decided to face the strange condition of her fingers after receiving criticism.

Hailey Bieber has sincere with her fans about a condition that has been affecting her for a long time.

The 23-year-old model has published on her Instagram account a series of stories where she talks with her followers about the unique hereditary disease that affects her, which is called ‘ ectrodactyly ‘ or is also known as ‘ Karsch-Neugebauer ‘, the which causes the limbs to have a malformation , whether there are no complete fingers or parts of them.

The blonde posted a photo of her hand on the bed, where her finger does not look the same as the others, confessed:

“It’s genetic , I’ve had it all my life, so people can stop asking me ‘what’s wrong with their little fingers ?’, Here’s what’s wrong! Hahaha”

In another of her publications she shared a screenshot of an article from the Wikipedia site where she talks about her illness , which is genetic and belongs to a syndrome that occurs in the first months of life.

Justin Bieber’s wife said that many people asked her why her finger mentioned her hand, she looked very strange, and decided to face all the opinions clarifying her condition :

“Then, in conclusion, please stop bothering me with my little fingers”


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