Hailey Baldwin was conscious as a kid!


Pretty Hailey Baldwin shares adorable photo of herself when she was just a kid! We’ll give you more details.

Hailey Baldwin, a child with complexes?

At the end of the year, it is not uncommon for us to remember the moments that most marked our year. Thus, some celebrities share photos of their phones on social networks.

Hailey Baldwin for her part preferred to let her fans decide which photo she should post. Thus, in a series of Stories posted on Instagram, the young woman posts the photos requested by her subscribers.

So one of Hailey Baldwin’s fans asked to see her as a child. The young woman therefore posted a photo of her childhood on her Instagram account.

We then discover a picture of the little girl with a slightly forced smile. “Madness. »Writes the young woman with a laughing emoji. It must be said that she makes a funny face in her photo.


Hailey Baldwin therefore shared this adorable photo where she makes a funny face on social networks. And fans of the young woman are surely very happy to discover the childhood of their favorite star.

In other Instagram Stories, the young woman posted pictures of herself as a teenager. In fact, we discover a photo of her at 15 and then at 17.

You should know that the young woman had a rather special childhood. Indeed, she was marked by the fame of her father, actor Stephen Baldwin.

But the young woman admits that she had a less crazy childhood than that which her husband, Justin Bieber lived. In an interview with Vogue, she says she never felt like she was in the spotlight as a child.

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