Hailey Baldwin shows up when she’s in love!


Very in love with her husband Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin revealed to her fans when she fell madly in love with him.

Hailey Baldwin is a happy in love and fulfilled woman. Married to Justin Bieber for almost two years, the pretty blonde has made revelations about her couple via Instagram.

Instagram has become a real communication tool, allowing stars to speak out. But also to pour out on their married life.

In recent days, a new fashion has been all the rage on Instagram. The latter consists of posting a photo at a specific time in his life.

And your favorite celebs are having fun sharing never-before-seen photos and videos of them. Hailey Baldwin joined in. So she agreed to post unseen photos of her couple.

The opportunity for the American to make rare public confidences about her romantic relationship with Justin Bieber. Very discreet, Hailey, who is therefore often criticized by Justin fans, does not speak too much on Instagram.


The model still agreed to reveal the photo where she knew she was in love with her husband. And the photo is more than equivocal.

In the photo, the couple hug each other in the singer’s huge kitchen. Shirtless, Justin Bieber passionately kisses his dear and tender.

And so this is not the only photo that the young woman has agreed to share with her community. Indeed, in response to popular demand, Hailey pulled out other older photos from her closets. Just that.

Indeed, the latter asked her for a photo of her wedding which they had never seen before. The pretty blonde then complied. She unveiled a photo taken at the wedding in 2019.

In the picture, Justin prepares to slash the champagne in an intimate ceremony. Only relatives of the couple are present. Our little finger tells us that Hailey Baldwin therefore has a large number of pictures that she still prefers to keep just for herself … And we understand her!


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