Hailey Baldwin reveals how her first kiss with Justin was …


The celebrity couple continues to carry out their live broadcasts on Facebook under the name of The Biebers, this time, their meeting in front of the followers of both allowed them to answer some questions and also told the story of their first kiss.

Hailey said that some time ago Justin had invited her to a date where they would go to eat sushi, however, when she asked her parents if she could go they refused, fortunately, her sister covered her so she could go out that night.

After the dinner they shared, Hailey and Justin were going back to see a movie when their first kiss took place, so the girl treasures this memory in her heart.

The couple also talked about how they realized they were truly in love, and Hailey confessed that even though she tried to hide it, their feelings eventually became obvious.

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happy valentines day cwazzzyyy ❣️

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