Hailey Baldwin pregnant with Justin Bieber? She answers the rumor! (PHOTO)


While her best friend, Kylie Jenner, just broke up, Hailey Baldwin makes the perfect love with Justin Bieber. Moreover, a rumor turns for several days announcing that the young woman would be pregnant!

For several days a rumor has settled on the Web! And yes … The young Hailey Baldwin would be pregnant? According to E! News, a photo would prove that the statements would be well founded. Indeed, the young woman was seen with a hand on the belly … Position favored by the future mom! Well know that everything is wrong … The model did not hesitate a single second to put an end to this idiotic rumor.

Be that as it may, on November 29, Hailey Baldwin posted a message in his Insta! “Internet is funny! No, I’m not pregnant, I really like food. A message that made his fans laugh and that nailed the rumor! And yes … Hailey may be married but she does not wait for children yet!

Sad news for Justin’s mother, who would have liked to be a grandmother. Indeed, shortly after his beautiful daughter’s post, the singer’s mom said, “Did someone say baby? A reaction that made Hailey Baldwin react. Indeed, it has again posted his story by adding the hilarious comment of his mother-in-law! What she said “I can not wait! ”

This week is the second rumor attacking Hailey Baldwin. Indeed, a few days ago, a source had said that “loving the photos of Selena Gomez, whether it is a photo glam or those that his friends publish. on Instagram, Hailey wants to show that there is no resentment. This is his way of trying to make peace and show his support for Selena in a discreet but public way. “


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