Hailey Baldwin: pink hair looks great on her!


Hailey Baldwin fans are completely fans of her pink hair! It’s simple: this color suits her perfectly! We validate!

Hailey Baldwin once had pink hair! And frankly, this color suited him perfectly!

Hailey Baldwin is the model of the moment.

Indeed, the pretty blonde travels around the world and parades for the biggest fashion houses! Class, right?

It must be said that with her slender figure, hourglass figure, and fine features, Justin Bieber’s sweetheart looks like a top model. So obviously, the designers all want to see her wearing one of their pieces. Unbelievable !

But sometimes, for certain shoots, the young woman has to completely change her look.

So the long blonde hair ends, and hello the brown, the chestnut and even the pink!

Yes, this year, Hailey Baldwin notably had pink hair. And frankly, this color just suited her!

Don’t panic, we’ll tell you more straight away!


On Instagram, Hailey Baldwin carried out the “Post a pic of…” challenge, responding to requests from her fans.

Thus, the pretty blonde notably shared a photo of her dog, of an “unforgettable night”, of her look of the day, but also of her with pink hair.

Yep, in a photoshoot, Hailey Bieber had her hair dyed pastel pink. And frankly, this color suited him really well.

Indeed, in the photo in question, Hailey is posing in a very streetwear look, and with a retro pastel pink hairstyle.

And frankly, this color perfectly emphasizes the features of her face. It’s simple, she just looks gorgeous with pink hair!

We, in any case, we fully validate! So, we are crossing our fingers to, perhaps, see her with pink hair in 2021!